in beautiful Tobermory, Ontario

Reservation Policies

Payment Terms

Escarpment Heights Motel accepts:

  • VISA (online and on site)
  • MasterCard (online and on site)
  • American Express (on site only)
  • Interac (on site only)
  • Cash (on site only)

Note: a credit card number is required when making reservations.


All reservations require a deposit in the amount of the first night’s stay upon booking.  Deposit is refundable less the $10.00 cancellation fee when given the proper cancellation notice as listed below.

Cancellation Policy and Fee

24 hours notice is required when cancelling a reservation for one or two motel units, and two weeks notice is required when cancelling a reservation for three or four motel units.  A cancellation of five motel units or more requires 30 days notice. When cancelling rooms with proper notice a $10.00 cancellation fee is retained by the motel.

Check In

Check In Time: 3:00 p.m.
Check Out Time: 11:00 a.m.

Terms and Conditions of Stay

All units smoke free.
Pets are not allowed in the motel units.
No open cooking sources are allowed in the motel units.


Telephone: 519-596-2228